Summary:Simulated warm-boot without the need for root access: restarts apps that you have manually started; closes other non-system apps; restarts the launcher desktop; re-initializes all desktop widgets. Process manager: kill all; persistent white list; detailed information on each process. With root access: real warm-boot; reboot to recovery; shut-down.

Target audience: End-users, software developers.

Use case: Does your phone or tablet get sluggish by the end of the day? Do you open and close many apps during the day? Do you need to do a full restart of your device to increase speed again? Riboot may give improvements in your device speed without doing a full, time-consuming, restart.

Use case: Developers may find the detailed information on each process helpful and interesting. If you have root access then the device can be restarted,  reboot to recovery, or shut-down.

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