KeyGuard Tool Ex.This app gives you control over the system keyguard and wake lock when connected to a WiFi network, USB dock, power dock, car dock, and desk dock. Includes a customizable home screen widget.

Riboot. This app performs a simulated warm-boot without the need for root access. It restarts apps that you have manually started, and closes other non-system apps, restarts the launcher desktop, and re-initializes all desktop widget.

KeyGuard Tool. This is a free and simple keyguard unlocker. It disables the Android keyguard so your phone remains unlocked, allowing direct access to your apps. Bypasses the need to unlock your phone using the swipe screen or by striking the MENU button.

System Diagnostic Event Logs. This is not the main "logcat" debugging log (Log)! These diagnostic events are for system integrators, not application authors. **

Network Indicator Tool. Simple tool to graphically monitor network activity. Restores network activity icon that is missing in later versions of Android.